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Thank You Card received

Dear Raymond & Maureen, Congratulations on your 90th Anniversary to your Chairman and members of the Committee of the London Taxidrivers' Fund for Underprivileged Children.

BIGGER & BETTER! A wonderful children's party.  Well done!  The Pearly Kings & Queens Society take great pride in being invited to your terrific event.  

Lots of love, Doreen Golding BEM, Freeman of the City of London, Pearly Queen of Old Kent Road and Bow Bells.


Email received 22nd January 2018

Hi Paul, On behalf of everyone at Ab Phab Youth Club, we wanted to say a big thank you for the opportunity to attend the tea party again this year.  The young people thoroughly enjoyed themselves and continue to ask when next year's event will be.

Whilst talking to other groups, they mentioned the Southend trip that is held every summer.

Do you have any more information about the event this year and is there the opportunity for our young people to attend?

Best wishes, Louise Harris, Ab Phab Deputy Manager


Email received 16th January 2018

Hi Paul, I just wanted to thank you for inviting us to the party on Sunday.  It was a fantastic day as always.  The staff and children really enjoyed it and haven't stopped talking about it.

We're looking into doing some more fund raising for the LTFUC - watch this space!

Leia Jones, Gainsborough Primary School


Email received 16th January 2018

Hi Paul, I would like to thank you and the taxi fund for such a fantastic time at the tea party on Sunday.  Our parents were so impressed and shared lots of photos with me this morning.  I love the robot!

Kind regards, Mandy Stock, The Bridge School London N7 




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Email received 13th July 2017

Hi Paul, Just a quick note to thank you for the lovely day we had yesterday, the children, staff and parents all had a wonderful time.  We all had fantastic drivers who looked out for us.  Please pass on our thanks and appreciation for the amount you all did.  Children and staff are already asking about next year!  

Very kind regards, Gill (Whitefield Family Support Team Manager)


Email received 13th July 2017

Paul, I can't say loudly enough or strongly enough how absolutely grateful I am to you and to all the cab drivers involved with today. It was an amazing event that the children and adults thoroughly enjoyed.  A really huge thanks to you for the invites allowing us to be a part of this and to all involved who make this happen.  Every detail was just amazing and the drivers all went above and beyond.  I tried to find you at the end to say thisd in person, but I didn't see you so I'm afraid it will have to be an email.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, so very much!  (Tammy Westwood)


Email received 13th July 2017

Dear Paul, please could you pass on our sincerest thanks and gratitude to absolutely everyone involved in yesterday's wonderful experience.  The organisation and friendliness of everyone involved was outstanding.

Our children had a fantastic time and the staff did too.  All the cab drivers we met were fantastic people and we cannot praise them enough for their generosity and friendliness.

We deal with a small group of very vulnerable pupils who people usually find difficult to like because of their severe behaviour issues, so for them yesterday was a wonderful opportunity to have fun and succeed.  They were truly grateful for the opportunity and repeatedly during the day just kept saying thank you.

All the drivers were brilliant that we met, but the cab I was in was driven by Roy (cab 4).  It was his first time and he was brlliant, a really kind and thoughtful person who was fantastic with the children.  Thank you once again. (Marian Mann, Manager of The Acorns, ARP, Barking).


Email received dated 25th January 2017

Dear Committee,

I wanted to thank you on behalf of my sons Yacinthe and Elijah.  Every year they look forward to the Taxi Drivers' Ball and it never disappoints.  This year was no exception, with great food and entertainment and, of course, an eye-popping treat at the end.

My wife and I remarked to each other how kind it is that so many people put so much effort into the event with very little recognition.  This isn't something the taxi drivers or committee need to do, but they do any way.  It's a great gesture of kindness and compassion that is too often lost in today's world, the whole event seems a throwback to the days where people genuinely cared about each other and provided communal support.  Well done and thank you again.  We look forward to next year (and will surely have a Frozen song in our heads until then).  

Noah & Melissa


Card received dated 22nd January 2017 

To the President, Chairman & Committee

Thank you so much for inviting London's Pearly Kings & Queens Society to your fabulous children's party, a wonderful event enjoyed by everyone and thank you for giving us the opportunity to do 'The Lambeth Walk' for the children and their carers.

My very best wishes and well done!

Doreen, Freeman of the City of London



The Pearlies doing the 'Lambeth Walk'


Letter received dated 21st January 2017 

Dear Maureen & Raymond

We wanted to say thank you for inviting Oliver to perform at your party on 22nd January for a wonderful cause.  We take it for granted sometimes that our children are healthy and happy and its fantastic that you put on such a special event to make children smile and feel special! We were looking on your website and we would each like to sponsor a child for your Southend trip in the Summer.  Here are our details :

1.  We would like to sponsor 4 children @ £60 per child.  2.  Please can you print the certificates with our names: Daniella Joseph, Robert Joseph, Oliver Joseph and Max Joseph.  

We hope that you raise lots of money and that the party has been a huge success!  Please always ask Oliver if you are looking for performers for future events, he would love to take part again.

Kind regards, Daniella and Robert Joseph





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On 10th November 2006 the Committee were pleased to be joined by Dame Barbara Windsor

for the opening of a new children's Sensory Room which we had donated to the UCH


It was, therefore, great to receive the following email

Email Received 16th December 2016 from driver Jamie

My name is Jamie, Badge No. 67020, and I am one of the drivers from your Southend Outing.  My boy is in hospital at the UCH having an operation on his broken arm.  My boy Harry has Autism and he has been using the Sensory Room provided by your charity.  I just wanted to send my personal thanks to you and all involved.  Merry Christmas.